Resume for a great clan ;)

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Resume for a great clan ;)

Post by De-filer on Thu Jun 02, 2011 1:38 pm

Hello.. My name is Christian Smith.. not knowing if you needed that info.. who cares haha! Anyways.. my psn is De-filer just like my user name is on this site. Im applying to be one of your great team players. I am very fun and active.. I play everyday unless I'm out with friends or on vacations. I will be on time for practices and things like that. I do not share my account. My KDR is 1.89 with the favorite weapon, the M-14.. i think it has recently changed to AK-47 but itll go back to m14 for sure.. haha! I'm prestige lvl 5 i think.. and lvl 19.. pretty sure.. Yes I am very much a team player. I don't have to be, but when its game time I'm always ready to put the humor away and bring out the competition in me to win every match I can. Communicating will do so Smile I am patient and ready be patient. Yes I usually have the weekly highest rank when I go into matches of team deathmatch and look at the lobby leaderboard. 9 times of 10 im on top! I'm pretty helpful and really talkative.. meaning.. I will tell you if I just got my head obliterated by a 50 cal creeping through the window down the street. My psn account is De-filer like I already told you.. I don't really play any other games right now.. I looked at the game battles account and have not gotten a chance to register. If it is required I will do so.. Yes i have a capture card... and no.. nobody recruited me to look... I seen advertisement on youtube, and I wanted in on the competition!

Other info: I love to do episodes of machinima and write blogs.. nice to see the hobby is mutual.. (yea.. i seen your book Very Happy) I do have a youtube account Here

If you want to see me in action.. i will be on soon! I'm getting on now 2:41 of thursday on June 2nd... 2011

I would be honored to join the ranks of L.O.D

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Re: Resume for a great clan ;)

Post by RENEGADE1323 on Sat Jun 04, 2011 6:44 pm

Accepted, Awesome, And I Mean Awesome Resume Dude, u Pretty Much Answered All The Questions On The Application so... Stay active on the forum, cause thats the most important thing for us. Add AngelFallz, JayMurphy_DFC and RENEGADE1323 On The Ps3. Feel free to ask anyone any questions. Ill be Happy to Play With u Some Time As Soon As I Get My ps3 Fixed..... Once Again Excellent Resume Smile

Welcome to LoD.


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