I Want Join LoD

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I Want Join LoD

Post by Marceltj on Sat Jul 16, 2011 5:52 am

1.Did you read the clan rules? and agree to follow them? (We will know if you did or not so please read them.)

2.Are you fun and active!

3.Are you going to be on time for things such as clan wars and practices?

4.We don't invite members that share accounts!
I don't share accounts

5.What is you're KDR and level?
I Don't know my KDR But i'm lvl 21 prestige 5

6.Are you a team player?

7.Are you prepared to be patient?

8.Are you fairly good at the game?
I Think so, i love to use the snipers.

9.Are you helpful and talkative?
Yes i have a headset

10.What is you're PSN Account?
PSN: marceltjuh5

11. Do You Have a GameBattles account? If So what,
no but if i need, i can make one.

12. Do you have a capture card?
I'm maybe gonna buy a Roxxio Game Capture.

13. Did anyone recruit you to join us?
I saw that YouTube clip.

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Re: I Want Join LoD

Post by RENEGADE1323 on Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:12 pm

Accepted, Awesome Application Dude.Also Nice Level.... Stay active on the forum, cause thats the most important thing for us. Add AngelFallz, JayMurphy_DFC and RENEGADE1323 On The Ps3. Feel free to ask anyone any questions.

Welcome to LoD.


"Idk Random Siggy FTW? Lol"
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