i want to join:DU still alive?

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i want to join:DU still alive?

Post by IOoIvAtuIoOI on Fri Oct 14, 2011 9:36 am

1.I'll do it soonby.

2.Ofcourse , playing daily :PD

3.Yea i can , im playing mainly for fun :d

4.not sharing dlol Very Happy

5.What is you're KDR and level? 10th prestige lvl 70 , kdr +1(not serious in mw2) serious in blackops kd(2.51)
i like mw2 way more !

6.Are you a team player? : Yes i am , i play alot domination !

7.Yes i'm.

8.I never face better one !

9.I am helpfull if someone needs it ! And i talk alot Razz


11.i do , its same as my gamertag (i belive)

12. No , im playing for fun in free time.

13. Nope monkey

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