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Post by sk8erboy1299 on Sun May 27, 2012 8:19 pm

1.Did you read the clan rules? and agree to follow them? (We will know if you did or not so please read them.) i Have read the clan rules and agree to follow them.

2.Are you fun and active!
Yes i am.
3.Are you going to be on time for things such as clan wars and practices? ill try my best

4.We don't invite members that share accounts! i dont share accounts

5.What is you're KDR and level? my kd is 1.01

6.Are you a team player?i am a team player.

7.Are you prepared to be patient?yes.

8.Are you fairly good at the game?i am really good when i want to be.

9.Are you helpful and talkative? im helpfull but not taklitive

10.What is you're PSN Account? sk8erboy1299

11. Do You Have a GameBattles account? If So what is it? no i dont

12. Do you have a capture card?no sadly i dont

13. Did anyone recruit you to join us? no i saw you guys on youtube


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