Legion of Doom Rules!

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Legion of Doom Rules!

Post by AngelFallz on Sun Dec 13, 2009 9:36 am

Heya Everyone, Im the leader of LoD, X-LoD-AnGeL-X. Here are a few rules we would like you to make sure you do while your in our clan.

1. No mic spamming (That is if you've got one).

2. No rude comments or swearing in game, failing to do so will cause a ban from our clan.

3. Players have got to be "Team Players."

4. To join the clan, you must have applied for the clan in the applications section, then reviewed by an administrator to see if you're accepted or not.

5. This is a clan for PS3 users only.

6. Only players that are ready to wait for a reply are able to join this clan.

7. You must always be in a clan war, if asked to do so, If not able to then you should be telling me.

8. Every member must have an account on our forum once accepted and must log on frequently.

9. Speaking, typing and understanding English is important to us.

10. We expect proper forum etiquette at all times, this does not mean you cannot joke around, just simply know when to stop and remember manners and respect when posting.

11. If you don't like our rules, leave.

12. When members are invited to a room, they are wanted for either practices or just enjoyment or clan wars.

13. Please act responsible, we don't want to spoil our clans reputation.

14. You must apply as a guest before becoming a member of the forums, Dont make an account first, Just apply on the New Members Apply Here Section, Then Once your accepted make a new account, this is to ensure you actually read the rules of our community.

15. On acceptance you're first priority is to create a GameBattles account to ensure you are eligible to be in a clan war when we need you.

16. You need to be active all the time on our Forum.

17. You Need to create a GameBattles account and PM me the Username, My username is AngelFallz1

18. No Pornographic types of Photos as your avatar in the clan.

Failure to accept and follow these rules will result in a kicking from our clan, IF YOUR NOT GOING TO BE ACTIVE ON OUR FORUM THEN DONT BOTHER APPLYING..


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